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We are based at RM Condor in Arbroath, Scotland and are one of 27 Gliding Squadrons throughout the UK. We serve both Air Training Corps and Combined Cadet Force cadets providing gliding training from familiarisation flights on to solo flights and beyond!

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The Viking T.Mk1 Conventional Glider as used at 662 VGS is a military version of the Grob G103 Twin II Acro Civilian glider.


Quick Stats...

Wingspan: 17.5m

Length: 8.18m

Empty Weight: 397Kg (Approx)

Max AUW: 625Kg

'G' Limits: -3.5g to +5.7g (Restricted to -0g)

Max Speed (VNe): 119 knots

Max Speed Rough Air (VFe): 92 knots

Max Winch Launch Speed: 65 knots


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  • Munster Van Gelder Winch


As we use conventional gliders we have to get them up inthe air some how, and the method of choice for all of the conventional squadrons is the MVG Winch.


Basically this is a large engine with 6 drums of cables attached to its drive shaft which connect to the glider and pull it forward at up to 65 knots. This allows the glider to become airborne


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  • Control Caravan


All flying is co-ordinated from the Control Caravan which is situated at the Launch Point on the Airfield.


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  • The 662VGS Forum is Up & Running


We have a forum which is now available for everyone to join and find out any information they require about gliding at 662 VGS. Or if you just fancy some banter, drop in.


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